About me

Markus Helmecke

Naturopath with focus on osteopathy


Osteopathy for adults
Osteopathy for children

Membership in Bundesverband Osteopathie e.V. (BVO)

https://bv-osteopathie.de (external link)



Remedial gymnastics
Manual therapy
Manual lymphatic drainage

I specialize in

Vertigo & tinnitus
Edema (acute and chronic swelling)
Pain and movement restrictions of joints and spine

Biography and career

Through my family deeply rooted in Berlin, I was born in 1977 in West Berlin.

I began my therapeutic profession as a physiotherapist. Through the many years of professional experience i was able to work in numerous practices and inpatient facilities. Since 2008 I am self-employed in Berlin. Since 2013 I have been practicing osteopathy as a naturopath.

In addition to my work, I find fulfillment through individual long-distance trips. I also love nature, dancing, yoga and the Vipassana meditation.

I am practical and analytical by nature. I enjoy exploring the world through my own physical and mental experiences. I get inspired through traveling and i am always up to discover new healing methods.

Completed training

I have had 5-years osteopathic training (1,600 training hours), according to the guidelines of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Osteopathie e.V. (BAO)

After the examination of the health department in Berlin i acquired a full license as a naturopath 

2-years manual therapy training

Manual lymphatic drainage training

3-years physiotherapy training

Further education

By my working with patients, i continue to educate myself. I keep expanding my knowledge through interdisciplinary exchange and attendance of courses, particularly with osteopathic content. I repeatedly participated in dissection courses at the Anatomical Institute of the Charité-University Medicine Berlin. I believe accurate knowledge of anatomy is the basis of good patient care.